Insurance Options

Covi NZMCA Insurance understands the specific needs of motorhomers and caravanners better than anyone in New Zealand; not surprising since we have been around as specialist motorhome and caravan insurance providers, in various forms, since 1958. Covi NZMCA Insurance is trusted by the NZMCA and their members to provide the best cover, including;

  • Genuine 5 years of agreed value on your purchase price
  • Automatic cover for contents ($10,000 of cover for motorhome or caravan specific items)
  • Towing extension of $500 (minus a $100 excess) if your insured vehicle suffers a mechanical breakdown

Best of all, Covi NZMCA Insurance is the only insurer to reinvest back into the industry through the proceeds given to the NZMCA each and every year. This continual investment ensures and enhances your travel experience for years to come

Covi Insurance